Recording Studio

Chasing Light Recording – A Music Recording Studio for Passionate Artists

Music recording is a delicate art. There is so much that can go wrong in the recording process that can turn a perfectly good record into a dud. If the vocals are mixed incorrectly, or the bass is muddy, it can throw off an entire track. These are the small details that the average listener has trouble hearing, but a trained ear will pick up on immediately. They can seem insignificant at the moment but can ruin a great song if recorded sloppily.


Finding a good recording studio can be as important as finding the right bandmates or an instrument you’re comfortable with. If you are uncomfortable with your engineer or the studio itself, that discomfort will translate into the record. It will sound stiff and inorganic – especially if you can’t voice issues or concerns to whoever is in charge of the session.


At Chasing Light, I believe that the music recording process should be as fun and comfortable as the creative process. If going to the studio is a chore, you’re not at the right facility. To get the best product out of your session, you need to find a studio that understands your vision and can assist you in bringing that vision to life. That means developing a certain rhythm, creating an ambiance, and having the ability to orchestrate the session in a way that makes you comfortable. As a fellow musician, I understand the rituals that artists must go through to be creative. That’s why I’ve built a recording studio specifically for talented artists who need a relaxed, yet supportive atmosphere to do their best work.