Professional Recording Studio

The Best Professional Recording Studio Money Can Buy

If you’re someone who wants value for your money, Chasing Light Recording is the studio for you. With my years of experience in music recording, I’ve learned how to streamline the process and make sure every minute you spend in my professional recording studio is well spent. I take care of all my clients and will let you work at a pace that you’re comfortable with. I believe in taking a hands-on role when it comes to music recording and I will work with you to achieve a professional sound.


Many artists have a natural talent to live but lose their poise when it comes to recording. Through my years of experience, I’ve developed a strategy for drawing the best out of my clients by making them feel as comfortable as possible. Charing Light Recording is one of the best studios for independent artists who want an intimate atmosphere along with the guidance and direction of an experienced pro. No one wants to feel like a recording session is an audition. At Chasing Light Recording we offer a professional recording studio with the intimacy of recording in your bedroom. Over the years I’ve found this to be the most effective strategy for creating polished, yet authentic records that showcase the artist's natural abilities.


At Chasing Light Studios, I believe in taking an artisan’s approach to audio recording. I bring as much passion to the recording process as I do to the creation of my own music, and I always take care of my clients. That’s why we are one of the best recording studios for independent artists in the Southwest. My attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile has built me a solid reputation that I intend on protecting. Give me a call today to learn about rates and availability.