Music Mixing

Music Mixing from a Professional Recording Engineer

Music mixing is another part of the recording process that is vital, yet often misunderstood. A good mix can take your track from being unlistenable to professional, and a bad mix can have the opposite effect. I’ve spent years studying the engineering process. In that time, I’ve mastered the complicated arts of compression and equalization, in addition to the creative flourishes that make a mix stand out.


As a professional recording engineer, it’s my job to ensure that the music your record is as close to the live performance as possible. I want listeners to feel as if they are in the room with the performers when they are listening to a record, and a good mix has the power to do just that. Even if you’re a skilled musician, it can take years to understand and master the mixing process. There are so many techniques, tools, and approaches to music mixing that can be frustrating to those who just want to focus on the creative aspects of songwriting.


That’s why I’ve decided to offer my services as a professional audio engineer to any independent artists who struggle with engineering. It’s a complex science in and of itself and there is no reason to let your recordings suffer, just because you’d rather focus on the music than research software and plugins.


My primary goal with Chasing Light Recording is to offer my wealth of experience to independent artists who need help taking their sound to the next level. I want to help alleviate the burden of having to record yourself without understanding the proper procedure. It’s these kinds of struggles that often lead artists to abandon music altogether, just because they didn’t have the proper guidance to overcome some of the hurdles that come with musicianship.


If you need help with a mix or recording a track, contact me today to inquire about rates and availability.