Electronic Music

Audio Mastering for Electronic Music and More

Audio mastering is both an art and a science. Over the years of recording for myself and other like minded musicians, I’ve developed the skills to bring life and vibrancy to any track. Although engineering is a technical skill, it’s a technical skill that requires a great deal of creativity. Having a background in the creative production of electronic music has given me the background to understand how they bring the best out of the mix.


Whether you’re looking to start a song from scratch and need help with the whole process, or you have a finished track that simply needs a professional master – I’m happy to help. Electronic and ambient music is my forte, but I’ve collaborated with musicians of every genre. I love helping my clients translate creative ideas into a polished product. No matter what your goals you have for your music, I can help you achieve them.


There’s nothing worse than when natural talent is overlooked because the mastering just doesn’t do the song justice. Audio mastering is much more than simply turning up the volume – it requires a carefully trained ear to boost the right tones and limit any unnecessary noise. Having a musician’s ear, I know how a musician wants their track to sound. I have a keen instinct for what tones and textures make a track pop and I have the knowledge and skills to bring those sounds out in every song I master.


Music is a labor of love, and I’ve dedicated my life to that labor. I have a passion for all aspects of the creative process – which includes helping clients and collaborators realize their unique vision. Contact me today to learn more about the audio mastering services I offer.