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Frank Tornoe is a musician, composer, and recording engineer. At Chasing Light Recording, we offer a relaxed and intimate environment where professional recordings can be made at your pace. Frank will work close with you to make sure your vision is achieved. Frank is a versatile bass player at heart and a unique composer of music rooted in progressive rock and jazz fusion genres.


For a recording studio in Bisbee, Arizona, contact Chasing Light Recording.

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about me

Your Ambient Music and Audio Recording Expert

My passion for music and wealth of experience in the industry has allowed me the pleasure of playing with some of the greatest musicians currently working. My primary genre of choice is ambient music and I’ve become an expert in crafting soothing melodies and atmospheric textures. A bass player by trade, I love to create sonic tapestries from the blending of instrumental tones.

Although ambient music is my passion, I’ve been influenced by a wide array of genres from progressive rock to jazz fusion and I’m available to work with a wide variety of talent. My skills are not limited to creation, as I have years of experience in audio recording as well. I’ve engineered not only my own music but the music of a wide array of talent that I’ve encountered over the years. Collaboration is a vital aspect of the music creation process and finding a good engineer is an important – yet often ignored -part of that process.


I’m an engineer who understands the pain points of a passionate musician. It can be extremely frustrating when you have an idea in your head but can’t get the recording to match your vision. As both a musician and engineer, I know how to draw the best out of my clients. Audio recording is my second love – behind playing the bass – and over the years I’ve developed a system to help my clients achieve the sound they’re searching for. I’m currently offering my services as both a collaborator and an engineer to anyone with the drive to create unique, genre-bending music.


I’m offering my years of experience to anyone who can benefit from my knowledge and expertise. Contact me today for more information about booking and rates.



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